About Sam

Sam Cramer

Studied art at Red Deer College. Enrolled in a general B.A. program, she took a sculpture class as an option, was hooked, and switched to Art and Design the next semester. “My drawing instructor was, and is, a remarkable man—an incredible artist and a phenomenal teacher—I had to take more classes with him, drawing and printmaking were the ones.”


Why the human form?

“We all have stories—everybody on the planet. When I was a little kid, I would see faces everywhere: in the cracks in the ceiling, in the swirls of lace in my Grandma’s curtains, in the nap of a carpet, in trees, everywhere. I would wonder about these “people”—who are they? Are they happy? What are they thinking? I’d wonder…and make up stories. Eventually the stories and that sense of wondering turned into visual expressions. Everybody had a story. Everybody has a story.”

Sam began teaching art classes and workshops in the late 80’s in Central Alberta, and then later in Edmonton. She has taught drawing fundamentals, figure drawing, painting and relief printmaking, as well as clay and mosaic workshops. She also teaches knitting and primitive rug-hooking.
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Sam Cramer Visual Artist